It is hard to feel relief or safety in the aftermath of the Derek Chauvin verdict.
The embedded white supremacy in America makes it that way.

Black Lives Matter Protest, June 2020. (Photo Credit: )

Where were you when the jury declared Derek Chauvin guilty on all charges for the murder of George Floyd on April 20th, 2021?

Personally, I was working on an on how police officers have gotten away with maiming and killing Black people. I had been given the assignment to write the piece no matter the outcome of the trial. I had just begun polishing up the draft to submit as the judge read…

MF Doom (Photo Credit: Alamy Stock Photo)

You get raised on simple, binary conflicts. Coke versus Pepsi. Hot dogs versus hamburgers. Mars versus Venus. Yankees versus Red Sox. Heroes against villains. But life in all of its myriad ways, will reach out and tell you that it never has been, and never will be that simple. Hip-Hop culture, and rap is certainly no different. Neither are the multitudes to be found in comic books. Same with wrestling. And the figures that dispel and shatter those simplistic conflicts are heralds of unbound creativity and inspiration. These figures come to this point at the end of a torturous and…

COVID-19 is the latest, and most grim example of the fractures of this nation coming to light.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

It’s time to come to grips with something. We are in the midst of seeing this country eating itself away. The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed just how much certain segments of this American society is not only cannibalistic but how unabashed they’re now becoming about it. Especially when it involves the lives of those who are Black, Brown, First Nation and Asian and those who are LGBTQ. For people in those communities, this is just further confirmation of thoughts and feelings that they’ve…

Well, it took about a month or so, but , otherwise known as the coronavirus has finally made its way to the United States. And some folks are PANICKING. Over the past few days alone, I have seen more news broadcasts showing the lines of people at stores like Costco, Target and Home Depot clamoring to purchase masks and hand sanitizers. (Some have also decided to go for broke and pick up boxes of condoms and loaves of bread. How those go together, I don’t know and won’t judge.) There is a distinct and eerie feeling of dread about this…

Coney Island Avenue & Avenue M, Brooklyn, New York (photo credit: CC BY 2.5, )

Being a New Yorker means that you are imbued with a calling to tell it like
it is, when the need arises. For some, that need isn’t pressing until certain
circumstances demand that it is. And then, it’s time to lay it all out on the

On Sunday, August 11th, Jose Alzorriz was out riding his bicycle. It was
the perfect way for him to immerse himself in everything Brooklyn, the
place he called home after coming here from the Basque region of Spain.
He was riding northbound on the street, basking in the sunshine. Little
did he realize that these…

Two mass shootings in one week, and how America is crumbling under the weight of its original sin — unchecked & systemic racism.

A police officer gives orders during the moment when an active shooter opened fire at a Wal-Mart in El Paso, Texas. (Photo credit: The Independent UK)

Summer in America. This season conjures up many things to many people. Ice cream. Fireworks. The cascading perfume of hot dogs and hamburgers on a barbecue grill. Summer in America is also now becoming synonymous with something sinister — mass shootings. This week in particular has provided two potent examples in the western part of the country. …

Tommy “Hurricane” Jackson (photo credit: BoxRec)

Growing up in Southeast Queens, New York City means that you come up with an embedded ethic of hard work and pride and perseverance. The bar is already high because of the many people who grew up and resided in the area. There’s a mural that depicts a few of these legendary figures that’s in the St. Albans neighborhood right underneath the Long Island Railroad station that extends over Linden Boulevard. These figures of note include Billie Holiday and James Brown. One person that’s present on the mural is someone that doesn’t get talked about much outside of some circles…

How the murder of rapper/entrepreneur Nipsey Hussle has affected many — and possibly represents a breaking point.

Nipsey Hussle. (photo credit: Getty Images)

“Look, young rich n***a shit, pops was an immigrant
Lifestyle ill legit, but know I own businesses
Started out the trunk, ended up at the dealership
All gold Rollie, black face no blemishes”

- “Black Face”, Nipsey Hussle w/Childish Gambino

It’s 12:20 A.M. A little more than twenty-four hours after I, like many others around the globe got the word of the senseless murder of Nipsey Hussle outside of his Marathon Clothing store out in the ‘hood he loved, Crenshaw in
south Los Angeles…

On the loss of my father, and the long road of coping.

An autumn sunset on the road in Maryland (photo credit: author)

My father, Douglas Underwood Smith, Sr. left this world on the night of September 25th, 2018. His passing, and what led up to it, and the atmosphere afterwards is something that I realize is still sitting with me. It’s like one of those house guests that is so taken up with your company that they fail to realize that they have to depart. I had been a bit reluctant to put the pen to the paper, waiting for a proper moment (as writers are sometimes wont to say…

How this latest “meeting” orchestrated by Trump puts a spotlight on a constant problem in the Black spiritual community and leaves more questions than answers.

Pastor John Gray sits next to President Donald J. Trump during meeting on Wednesday, August 1st, 2018 on prison reform & other matters (photo credit: CBN)

But there were also false prophets among the people, just as there will be false teachers among you. They will secretly introduce destructive heresies, even denying the sovereign Lord who bought them — bringing swift destruction on themselves.
- 2 Peter 2, New International Version of the Holy Bible

I come from a background in terms of faith where I am more spiritual than religious. It’s a broad statement, an expansive collection of words to…

Christopher A. Smith

Freelance writer. Author of 3 books of poetry. Raconteur. Queens is the county, Jamaica is the place.

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