America Is Eating Itself ,And They’re Fine With Black People & POC As The First Course.

Christopher A. Smith
6 min readMay 16, 2020

COVID-19 is the latest, and most grim example of the fractures of this nation coming to light.

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It’s time to come to grips with something. We are in the midst of seeing this country eating itself away. The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed just how much certain segments of this American society is not only cannibalistic but how unabashed they’re now becoming about it. Especially when it involves the lives of those who are Black, Brown, First Nation and Asian and those who are LGBTQ. For people in those communities, this is just further confirmation of thoughts and feelings that they’ve had for most of their lives. Now, this is the point where someone might read this and essentially get in a huff accusing me of “divisiveness”. That this isn’t something to say in a time where so many people are dying of this insidious virus. Well, my only response to them is to simply illustrate the cold and hard truth that they or their loved ones might fall prey to this like so many others have so far. These people are more than okay with going back to their regular lives despite a pandemic raging across the nation, so long as it only takes out Black, Latino and Native people.

As of today, the United States has seen almost 90,000 of its citizens pass away as a result of contracting COVID-19. The virus brings with it so many medical mysteries in how it is transmitted, and how it affects those who become infected with it and even how those who survive can recover and be infected again according to some reports. The entire globe has put itself on pause, providing haunting images of cities like my own New York City, Rome, Paris and others devoid of the bustling human traffic that exemplifies them. There are up to 4.1 million people who have tested positive for COVID-19 worldwide. Some countries have seen dramatic declines in those testing positive, New Zealand being highly notable. South Korea’s first positive case of the coronavirus was detected on the same day as our first positive case. Other nations have dealt with resurgence and testing in more responsible means, notably nations in Africa who have had their fair share of pandemics such as Ebola. Yet, we are on track to have 100,000 dead by the end of this month. And Donald J. Trump & his kleptocratic cronies are already in…

Christopher A. Smith

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