Cool Breeze, Beyond The Rocks — For Dave and De La Soul

Christopher A. Smith
6 min readMar 5
A photo of Trugoy The Dove at The DA.I.S.Y. Experience at Webster Hall (Photo credit: Author)

Like new credit, the blood work’s indebted
Microphone donor, two pints of get right
I got my cardio up my n — a
Don’t give a damn about a party
I do it for the body

- Dave aka Plug 2 aka Trugoy The Dove

I remember having a conversation with one of my aces a while back, tied to rappers and skill. Specifically, we were talking about breath control. Who struggled for various reasons as we saw it, and who mastered it. He focused on MCs who were rapid-fire, delivering bars in blinding fashion like Eminem. I spoke more about those MCs who to me, performed like the great jazz instrumentalists. Staying in the pocket until they chose not to, delivering lyrics with clarity and economic precision. I brought up Plug 2 from De La Soul, specifically off of their single “Get Away (The Spirit of The Wu)”. I had been bumping that nonstop, feeling super hype over the song because it was De La Soul, pointed and poignant with their perspective on rap at the time. And doing it on a reworking of the intro to Wu-Tang Forever?! Hearing Pos and Dave on that track was like watching Kobe Bryant put the United States on his back against Spain in the Gold Medal game at the 2008 Beijing Olympics. The effortlessness. The cool.

Cool breeze on the rocks. Cool like the feeling one experiences after a hard moment mourning a loss. And if you’re of a certain age and grew up loving Hip-Hop, you have felt this more than you would ever have cared to.

On the line outside of Webster Hall this past Thursday night, I thought about Dave’s verse on that song a lot among so many of his other verses. I hadn’t gotten that much sleep the night before. It still felt surreal that I was here for The DA.I.S.Y. Experience. A night to celebrate after all these years, the full availability of De La’s catalog on streaming platforms.
A night that would become bittersweet once the news broke two days before Valentine’s Day that Dave Jolicoeur, known to all as Trugoy The Dove, was gone.

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